S’mookies. Yes, I said S’mookies.

Can I get a fist pump?! My sweet tooth was DTE (down to eat) last night and I couldn’t figure out what to make, so I scoured the internet for ideas. It was a mine field out there and my search results returned nothing but grenades – you know, the kind of dessert that doesn’t really look all that great, isn’t going to satisfy that real urge you have, but you’d settle for it if nothing better came along. Anyway, after about a good hour I saw this picture of a s’more sandwich set in the center of two circles of cookie dough – Yeah buddy! This was definitely the winner.

Now, I know that I made a s’mores doughnut for my last post… but how can you deny the deliciousness of a s’mores cookie? You can’t. And that’s why I decided to do it, anyway. That, plus it’s super simple to make them and won’t take away from your usual GTL routine (you know, gym, tan, and laundry).

I made them as a stack. I started with a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of chocolate, a marshmallow, a layer of graham cracker, and then another layer of cookie dough. That was pretty much it. Then, I baked them according to the cookie’s directions. It took about 5 minutes longer than the package said it would, but I think everybody’s experience would be different. And the most important part: Oh yeah! Delicious, yeah!

Did I mention I watched an episode or two of Jersey Shore while I ate them?

For the future, there are a few things I would have done differently:

I would have done two layers of graham cracker. It was SO delicious in the center of the cookie.

I also would have done more marshmallow. The chocolate was obvious in the cookie but the marshmallow was overshadowed by it.

2 thoughts on “S’mookies. Yes, I said S’mookies.

  1. DaretoDessert says:

    Thanks! I worked hard on that one ;)

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