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Bread Pudding Slice

Chocolate French Toast Bread Pudding – My New Favorite Breakfast.

This one started as an “Oops!” but quickly became a “Wow!” after taking that first bite. It’s dense and cakey, not custardy like a traditional bread pudding. It’s also only mildly sweet, and the marriage of chocolate and cinnamon is reminiscent of a Sunday brunch French toast. It’s also a true testament to how you can mess up in the kitchen and still (sometimes) end up with a great product. That being said, let’s explore my forgetful side for a minute… and that part of me that mistakenly thinks I don’t need a recipe for some things. Continue reading


Vanilla Bean and Black Pepper Ice Cream

I came across the idea for this recipe while surfing the web a little while back. I was planning to make shortbread cookies and wanted to pair them with something I’d never tried before. In my searching, I discovered a few sites that mentioned how amazingly perfect the combination of freshly ground pepper and pure vanilla is in a creamy, homemade ice cream. Being the adventurous person that I am, I set out to try it for myself. I tweaked and modified until I got the final recipe just right, and the result is nothing short of miraculous. I couldn’t wait to share it! Continue reading