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Banana Spring Rolls

So a friend of mine wanted to get lunch yesterday and it had been a while since we’d been anywhere for Thai. As an appetizer, we got these great vegetable spring rolls with a peanut sauce for dipping. It was pretty fantastic. After we were finished eating, I wanted something sweet. I browsed the dessert menu and all they had was a selection of ice creams and mochi. That really wasn’t going to do it for me… so I decided to head home and try my hand at making an Asian inspired dessert.

That’s when I remembered that my favorite Vietnamese restaurant serves banana spring rolls. They’re the perfect kind of sweet, and frying the rice paper in butter gives it a completely different flavor from a traditional oil-fried spring roll. Say WHAT. They’re so delicious. Continue reading

Super Skinny Milkshakes

I love milkshakes. I could probably write an entire post on why they’re amazing and delicious, but then there wouldn’t be any room to share recipes and that’s what I’m here for! So I won’t do that – we’ll just settle for the short version: THEY’RE AMAZING! End of rant. So what’s a person to do when he or she has an obsession for milkshakes but hates the calories and the result of all those calories? Make a skinny milkshake, of course! By using a simple ingredient called xanthan gum, we can make a really delicious, super creamy, filling and fulfilling milkshake with about 1/10 of the calories and no fat. Yes… no fat! Are you excited, yet?

Continue reading

Concord Grape Caviar

Concord Grape “Caviar”

This is another fantastic molecular gastronomy recipe. However, unlike the “Vanilla Cupcake” shots I made last time, these require a bit more than just gelatin. The final product is so worth it, though! They have a deep purple, almost black color and they pop in your mouth, releasing that sweet grape goodness. And they look convincingly similar to real caviar so you can use them to surprise guests with a dessert that almost looks like an appetizer. I serve mine on squares of shortbread with a sweet mascarpone cream. It tastes like a buttery cheese danish with grape jam. It looks like caviar on a toast point. So deceiving, and so cool! Continue reading


Meg’s Special Fit-in-40 Apple Baklava

Nerd alert! I went all crazy up-in-your-face-health-conscious-baker on this one! This is a very special dessert. A close friend of mine operates a blog about the fun and frenzy that her day-to-day brings (visit her here: Between work and home, with taking care of her baby, her house, and her husband it’s been easy to let her healthy eating habits take a “back seat” to everyday life. Let’s face it, we all wish we could be a little healthier. My goal with making this dessert was to create something easy, delicious, and healthier than your typical dessert without feeling like you’re settling for flavorless and boring, and without all those nasty chemicals! I was also concerned with being sure to include whole foods that are both healthy and filling. The result is what I’m calling Apple Baklava, but I’m sure you’ll just call it delicious. Continue reading


Vanilla Bean and Black Pepper Ice Cream

I came across the idea for this recipe while surfing the web a little while back. I was planning to make shortbread cookies and wanted to pair them with something I’d never tried before. In my searching, I discovered a few sites that mentioned how amazingly perfect the combination of freshly ground pepper and pure vanilla is in a creamy, homemade ice cream. Being the adventurous person that I am, I set out to try it for myself. I tweaked and modified until I got the final recipe just right, and the result is nothing short of miraculous. I couldn’t wait to share it! Continue reading



This one’s for the coffee lovers! An affogato is a fanastic Italian beverage that can be served either as a quick and simple dessert, or any time you feel like a little indulgence. It only requires two ingredients so it makes a fast and delicious treat for unexpected company, but can also be “jazzed” up a bit with some fun and simple added flavors. I also love breaking this one out for large groups because everybody can make their own with almost no mess involved. Who doesn’t love that! Continue reading