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Coconut Rum and Brown Sugar Whipped Cream

There’s only one way to describe this: Decadent. I love whipped cream and I’m always trying to find ways to add a one-of-a-kind flair when I make it at home. This one is definitely a winner! Start out by chilling your whipping cream so that it’s nice and cold. One of the best tips I’ve ever received in making whipped cream is to make sure everything is cold. So chill your bowl, chill your cream, chill your rum, and if you want to you can even chill your whisk or beater attachments! It’s worth it in the end, this whipped cream is so good you could even eat it on its own! Continue reading

Cake with Lily

Gum Paste Calla Lily

Store-bought sugar decorations are a cute addition to any cake, but your cakes deserve to be unforgettably beautiful. That’s where these gorgeous calla lilies come in! With a few simple tricks, some patience, and the right materials anybody can look like a pro and make stunning cakes for any occasion. Your friends and family will be so impressed, and nobody has to know how easy it was. Now your only problem will be figuring out how to fill all those orders they’ll be placing. Continue reading

Coca-Cola Frosting

This is one of my favorite frostings because it’s both  incredibly easy and insanely delicious.It also requires very little set-up, has only a few ingredients, and it’s cheap! Tastes great on chocolate, vanilla, and even red velvet. Some people have commented to me that it tastes a bit like cream cheese frosting, but lighter. Either way, be prepared to add a new staple to your repertoire because this one is so easy you can make it ten minutes before a party. How great is that?! Continue reading