Concord Grape Caviar

Concord Grape “Caviar”

This is another fantastic molecular gastronomy recipe. However, unlike the “Vanilla Cupcake” shots I made last time, these require a bit more than just gelatin. The final product is so worth it, though! They have a deep purple, almost black color and they pop in your mouth, releasing that sweet grape goodness. And they look convincingly similar to real caviar so you can use them to surprise guests with a dessert that almost looks like an appetizer. I serve mine on squares of shortbread with a sweet mascarpone cream. It tastes like a buttery cheese danish with grape jam. It looks like caviar on a toast point. So deceiving, and so cool! Continue reading


Pasteurizing Whole Eggs at Home

When I was a kid, it seemed like foodborne illness didn’t exist. Of course it was still around, but there wasn’t as much concern that everything you ate could be hazardous if raw or undercooked. And that definitely had its perks. For one, I could lick the batter from a spatula every time my grandmother made a cake or brownies. And I never had to think twice about there being raw egg in it. Now, everyone seems to be afraid of salmonella or any other possible threats that may be lurking in raw eggs – and that has led to some changes in our culinary world. For one, most people don’t use raw egg when making mousse anymore. If you ask me, that’s just a shame. So let’s bring eggs back into the spotlight with my favorite at-home pasteurization technique. Continue reading

Bread Pudding Slice

Chocolate French Toast Bread Pudding – My New Favorite Breakfast.

This one started as an “Oops!” but quickly became a “Wow!” after taking that first bite. It’s dense and cakey, not custardy like a traditional bread pudding. It’s also only mildly sweet, and the marriage of chocolate and cinnamon is reminiscent of a Sunday brunch French toast. It’s also a true testament to how you can mess up in the kitchen and still (sometimes) end up with a great product. That being said, let’s explore my forgetful side for a minute… and that part of me that mistakenly thinks I don’t need a recipe for some things. Continue reading

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Homemade Oreos… And They’re Better Than the Real Thing!!

Someone pinch me. Hard. Harder… I must be dreaming. Not only did these little cookies-from-above exceed my every expectation, but they did so even in the “slightly healthier, but not really” category. I came across the original recipe for these on, so I can’t take credit for inventing this amazingness. However, I did add my usual tweaks and modifications to make them my own. Everybody loved them. Loved. I mean it. So try a batch. Maybe take them to a party. And then brace yourself for the ensuing barrage of super awesome popularity. Continue reading

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Rice Crispies Pops

Oh, Rice Crispies Treats… I love them so much. My childhood wouldn’t be the same without them and, let’s be real for a second here, neither would my adult life. I actually haven’t made them in at least a good 10 years, though. So I thought I should break out that old favorite recipe of mine and make these as a special treat for Sunday brunch with friends. Only problem is I couldn’t find that old favorite recipe… Good thing they have it inside the cereal box! Continue reading


Chocolate Sin

When I was little, my mom would make this dessert for parties that nobody could seem to get enough of. It’s sweet, creamy, dense, chocolatey, and boozey. And it really lives up to its name, as you might say it’s almost sinfully good. I decided to make some this week because I hadn’t had it in a really long time and I discovered one more thing about it that I love, in the process. It’s also pretty easy to make!  Continue reading


My Favorite Flourless Chocolate Cake

I love a warm slice of flourless chocolate cake. Its melt-in-your-mouth goodness leaves nothing to be desired, other than maybe another slice! I’ve searched high and low for the best recipe and I knew I’d found it when I came across this one. There’s just enough sugar to sweeten the chocolate and it’s so buttery and silky smooth, it goes great with a nice scoop of ice cream, chocolate sauce, or maybe some Crème Anglaise. This one is perfect for chocolate lovers! Continue reading